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Ocarina Songs
Songs of the Ocarina and Secret Ocarina Stuff

Secret Ocarina Stuff: The Ocarina's button layout is the same as
a real Ocarina! The Z trigger simulates the bottom hole. Try
holding down the Z trigger while playing a note and you'll hear
the note changes just like it would on a real Ocarina! Also, if
you push the control stick around while playing the ocarina you'll
change the pitch and modulation, simulating the same effect if you
changed how you were blowing into a real ocarina. Cool huh?

Song keys:
CL=C left, CR = C right, CD = C down, CU = C up, A=A

The songs of the Ocarina:

Zelda's Lullaby - Used all over the place to show you are a royal
messenger. Play whenever you see a Triforce symbol. When all
else fails, try playing this song. Also if you play this song
near one of those rocks that tells you the time (they're called
gossip rocks) you'll be rewarded with a life-giving faerie.
Taught to you by Impa after meeting Zelda for the first time.

Epona's Song - Used to tame and summon Epona the horse (see
Section 5). Also if used next to a cow you will get some milk.
Learn from Malon in Lon Lon Ranch after meeting Zelda.

Saria's Song - Used to contact Saria, talk to Navi, or open some
secrets related to forests. Also used to make the King of the
Gorons dance and be happy.
Learn from Saria in the Sacred Forest Meadow in the lost woods.
To get to the meadow, from the entrance of the Lost Woods, listen
to when the music is loudest and go that direction. For the lazy
ones out there, the path is R,L,R,L,F,L,R (L=Left, R=Right,

Song of the Sun - Used to change night to day and day to night at
any time! Also freezes the undead zombies and mummies.
Go to the Kakariko Graveyard at night and go to the large
gravestone in the back. Check the two gravestones on either side
of it and fight the Poe brothers. Once they are defeated, play
Zelda's Lullaby to open the Royal Tombstone. Fall down the hole,
kill all the bats to open the doorway, and go through the tomb to
learn the Sun's Song.

Song of Time - Used to open the Stone Door in the Temple of Time.
Also used to move or destroy Blue blocks with the Temple of Time
symbol on them.
Learn from Zelda telepathically when you first get the Ocarina of

Song of Storms - Causes it to rain. Allows you to enter the
bottom of the well as young Link. Also used to open secret holes
and summon secret Big Faeries.
Talk to the weird guy inside the windmill in Kakariko Village as
adult Link and then show him your Ocarina (equip Ocarina and push
the Ocarina button when near him).

Minuet of Forest - Warps you to the Sacred Forest Meadow
Learn from Sheik when you get to the Sacred Forest Meadow as adult

Bolero of Fire - Warps you to the Death Mountain Crater
Learn from Sheik on your way to the Temple of Fire

Serenade of Water - Warps you to the entrance to the Temple of
Water in Lake Hylia
Learn from Sheik when you get the Iron Boots in the Ice Cavern

Nocturne of Shadow - Warps you to back of Kakariko Graveyard,
entrance to Shadow Temple
Learn from Sheik if you return to Kakariko Village after beating
the Water Temple

Requiem of Spirit - Warps you to the entrance to the Spirit
Temple, the Desert Colossus
Learn from Sheik after crossing the desert, going into the Spirit
Temple, then coming back out again.

Prelude of Light - Warps you to the Temple of Time
Learn from Sheik if you return to the Temple of Time's Master
Sword room after beating the Forest Temple level.

Scarecrow's Song - summons a scarecrow at certain areas that you
can use your hookshot on to get to things. Look for areas where
Navi turns green but there doesn't seem to be anything there.
To get this song, go as young Link to Lake Hylia and look for a
small farm area with a scarecrow in it in the Northern section.
Show him your Ocarina and he'll ask you to compose a tune. The
tune has to be 8 notes long. Make it easy to remember. Also keep
in mind it will play it back at the same speed you originally
played it, so don't leave any long pauses in there or it will
sound dumb. If you mess up you can push B to try again. Now as
adult Link return to the scarecrow and play the same song for him
again. Now the song you made up becomes the secret Scarecrow's
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